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Kingsbury is a General Contractor that has extensive capabilities ranging from small local site development projects, to septic pumping and maintenance, to large-scale commercial dam reconstruction and everything in between. We are a proud, local company who has spread its reaches beyond New England & New York and continue to pioneer the construction industry in all of our services. At Kingsbury, our priority is Integrity, Adaptability, and Efficiency and we strive to achieve this in every project and for every client. You can expect us to deliver quality service no matter the size of the project, contact us today and experience what Kingsbury can do for you.

Our Mission

Kingsbury Companies solves unique challenges, while developing creative leaders and fostering relationships.


Latest Construction Projects

If you live in New England or New York State you've likely already driven on our roads, crossed over our dams, biked on our recreation paths, sent your recycling and trash to our facilities, used water that we helped treat, and powered your homes with electricity from our energy projects.

“During the duration that the resurfacing project was running, I had other contractors on site performing other repair work on the plant. The Kingsbury crews proved themselves to be very professional, and willing to accommodate the other contractors when circumstance arose. They not only worked well with the other contractors but worked well with plant staff as well. They provided a high quality of work; in a timely manner. I am pleased with the results of the job they did. They were willing to work weekends to get the job done on my schedule and offered suggestions that improved the final results. From what I saw they have a great deal of skill and experience at their job. I highly recommend them for any of your shotcrete work.”
Jeff Hammond, City of Watertown Engineering Dept.

News from Kingsbury Companies

We believe in enriching our surroundings in as many ways as possible. Aside from committing to the highest quality in our development projects, community responsibility is also a large part of Kingsbury's culture. Check out an event we sponsor annually - High Fives Foundation Annual Golf Tournament.