Kingsbury Companies is one of the fastest growing contractors in New England, specializing in renewable energy projects.  We are looking for candidates to extend our reaches and help grow our team of construction professionals.

At Kingsbury, we stay in tune with our economy, continuously adjusting our project focus, creating stability and strength for sustained results. We hire professionals looking for long-term employment who thrive on challenges, opportunities for growth and the ability to be part of a winning team.  We offer competitive wages, bonuses, vacation and generous healthcare, 401(k) and profit sharing.

We’re Looking For

General Superintendents

Must have five years of verifiable experience in Construction Field Management, good communication skills, and experience with crew management, job-costing, and scheduling.

Heavy Equipment Operators, Pipe-layers, Laborers

Experience is highly preferred, however, Kingsbury Companies has the ability and desire to train entry-level professionals.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and strive to do our part in America’s workforce development.

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