Septic Tank Pumping

Employee and truckKingsbury has the right equipment to pump out your tank, pump station and dry wells efficiently. Check out our process:

Septic Inspection Checklist

  • We will call 30 minutes prior to arriving onsite
  • Our experienced service technicians will locate and map out your septic tank and leaching system
  • We will dig inlet, outlet and center covers, if required
  • We will check all tank levels to ensure your tank isn’t overfull or leaking
  • We will perform a complete pump out of your septic tank, pump station, and D-box, depending on your system
  • We will provide a thorough inspection of your tank and pump station and clean any filters present
  • We will provide a full report including the location of the septic tank, written findings and recordings, and any other work performed

Septic Maintenance

  • Contact Kingsbury to pump your septic tank a minimum of every three years, homes with more than 4 people should have the tank pumped more often
  • Do not flush trash down the toilet or drain lines
  • NEVER pour grease down your lines and limit the use of your garbage disposal
  • NEVER park or drive over your septic tank or leach field
  • If you begin having septage back-up into your home or smell a septic odor, call us right away, our service technicians will be there to help