Septic Line Jetting & Thawing

Drain Clearing

Kitchen sink plugged? Toilet, not flushing? No worries, with our high-pressure jetter we can get your lines freed up quickly and efficiently!

Line Thawing

Frozen lines are a common problem in New England and can cause thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Whether it be frozen sewer or freshwater lines, Kingsbury is fully equipped to get your lines thawed and running again quickly.

Most common causes:

  • lack of use
  • lines in the ground are too shallow
  • lines in driveway or lawn have been driven over and collapsed
  • lines are sagging or pitched incorrectly allowing water to stay in the line and freeze

The Process:

Kingsbury will use a jetter (a high-pressure jet stream) to clear the line.  Our jetting system uses hot water which not only thaws the line, but will remove mineral deposits, descaled cast iron, and grease.

To be sure your lines are completely clear the professionals at Kingsbury will run a camera down the line to make sure your line is free of ice/debris and is in optimal working condition.  If further repair or maintenance is needed, we will provide a quote for services and our knowledgeable technicians will get the job finished completely. Kingsbury has the capabilities to perform any project, large or small.